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Greetings from Bhutan ! BHUTAN is Culturally has no parallel. For many centuries the Himalaya isolated Bhutan so that its language, society and social customs developed with little external influence. The culture based purely on Buddhist philosophy. It is neither borrowed nor made in recent years, the roots of its existence are as old the existence of the land and people themselves. Nowhere is this better witness than in the Tshechu rituals. These festivals reenact Bhutanese history and religious lesions for successive generations, while providing great community enjoyment. The people of Bhutan still live a primarily agrarian life. The country is largely populated by the three ethnic groups. In the Eastern areas, Sharchops predominate and are believed to be the earliest inhabitants. In the West you will fined Naglops of Tibetan descent and in the South many Nepalese who began settling in Bhutan in the 1900’s. The Bhutanese are warm friendly, peace loving, hard working and enjoy a great sense of humor. Bhutan Dragon Adventures is licensed by Tourism Council of Bhutan under Ministry of Economic Affairs and is operated by the group of committed staff. We are always looking forward to offer you a great opportunity to explore our unexplored Buddhist country.www.go2bhutan.com
Created at 07/15/2009 - 02:42
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