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touregypt's information

Name: TourEgyptNet
Gender: Female
Profession: Tours organizing
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Cairo - Egypt
Now doing: Tours organizing and providing info about Egypt
Currently in: Cairo
Traveling to: Egypt
About touregypt:
Tour Egypt is a one-stop shop for everything related to Egypt. A well established online portal for information about all things related to Egypt, Tour Egypt has worked in the past with the Ministry of Tourism, and between 1996 - 2006, we were the official website for the Ministry of Tourism. We look to provide everything anyone needs to know about Egypt's history, it's culture, and also about coming and visiting Egypt.
About touregypt's job:
If you’d like to experience 7,000 years of history, we’re the company for you! Not only are we offering you customized organized tours but we also provide you with an extensive online guide to everything you need about Egypt through our website.

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