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gypsyscribbles' information

Name: Rosemarie
Gender: Female
Profession: Travel Writer & Photographer at Travel and Beyond
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Singapore - Singapore
Birthday: 1961-12-05
Now doing: Writing a Travel Tip
Traveling to: Hopefully Turkey
About gypsyscribbles:
Rosemarie John is a Writer, an avid photographer, an Editor, a Contributor to local newspapers and magazines & also Author of Scribbles of an Electronic Gypsy. Based in Singapore, she freelances, writing aerospace & travel features mainly for airlines, aviation companies, newspapers, magazines, travel companies, travel blogs etc. Her writings portray a kaleidoscope of all things travel related mixed with just the right dosage of history and culture.
About gypsyscribbles's job:
Writer, Photographer, Editor
gypsyscribbles's interests:
History, Travel, Culture, Aviation
gypsyscribbles's favorite music:
Reggae, R&B
gypsyscribbles's favorite books:
History, ancient History
gypsyscribbles's favorite quotes:
A traveller am I, and a navigator, and every day I discover a new region within my soul" ~ Kahlil Gibran
gypsyscribbles is happiest traveling when:
its with a loved one!
gypsyscribbles's reason to travel:
to learn and experience all places, people, culture and chow down on great food! :) Overall to broaden the senses!
gypsyscribbles's favorite place to read:
On my couch
gypsyscribbles's favorite place to walk:

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