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expat's information

Name: axpet
Gender: Female
Profession: Digital marketing
Prefered language: English
Hometown: Mumbai - India
Now doing: Expat in India
Currently in: Mumbai
Traveling to: Goa.NZ.Lndon.SAfrica
About expat:
South African born - lived in uk for 7 years. Now living in India.
About expat's job:
Digital marketing consultancy - social media + design and build
expat's interests:
travel photography architecture cultures religions
expat's favorite music:
soulful. jazz. jazz-funk. newly discovered - Indian spiritual songs.
expat is happiest traveling when:
i have a profound encounters OR when i am surrounded by the himalayas.
expat's reason to travel:
expat's favorite place to read:
train / restuarant on the beach
expat's favorite place to walk:
mountain and sea

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