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dinab's information

Name: Dina
Gender: Female
Profession: Writer
Prefered language: English
About dinab:
I'm a travel writer, a rancher and an avid roadtripper, going on long roadtrips that explore the out-of-the-way places around the world. When not in a car, I'm either writing or on horseback, my other favorite mode of transportation.
About dinab's job:
I capture the reveries, the magic, the adventures and the mundane stories of travel.
dinab's interests:
Horseback riding, literature, the local food and drink in whatever country I'm traveling through, good jokes, laughter, a shot of whisky at just the right time.
dinab's favorite music:
Chopin piano concertos, La Boheme, Dire Straits, Paul Simon
dinab's favorite books:
The Places In Between by Rory Stewart; Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh; Life of Pi by Yann Martel
dinab's favorite quotes:
I never run if I can walk, never walk if I can ride a horse.
dinab's favorite movies:
Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Baghdad Cafe
dinab is happiest traveling when:
I reach my lodging for the night and discover there's enough hot water for a shower.
dinab's reason to travel:
To see, to taste, to hear, to feel, to become part of other parts of the world
dinab's favorite place to read:
The leather easy chair in the breakfast room, with the beaver pelt over the back.
dinab's favorite place to walk:
My ranch

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